Image by Jason Briscoe

It is Never to late start learning.

Do you want learn the ins and outs of Real Estate investing?

Here are some of the things I am excited to go over bellow! I have learn quite a few GOLD nuggets I wish I would have known before. I am excited to share all how to's and details all in one place!

Short Term Rentals aka Air BNB +

How to find and launch a STR

Long Term Rentals

How to find and set up LTR's

Next Steps

I want to do this. What do I do Next!?

Analyzing Deals

What is a good Deal? How can I quickly scan properties.

Why Real Estate and why almost anyone can do it.

It takes information and knowing what to do next. Not a deep pocket.

How your time is your most important asset.

How RE investing will give you your time back.