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Storm Repair Process

It’s All in the Details- we provide a full free inspection of your roof & provide a picture report.

What do we look for? We look at the condition of your roof from wear and tear to hail damage. We are highly trained professionals that can spot hail damage very quickly and what the life of the roof looks like.

#2A Go over report with home owner & if there is no damage.

We will provide our professional opinion on the condition of your roof.

If your roof does not have enough hail damage or is still in good condition we will tell you that. It does not benefit anyone to not be honest. Our only hope is that we now have a relationship for future inspections. Insurance companies recommend 2 inspections a year.

#2B Go over report & if we do find damage.

We are trained to look for the same damage that insurance adjusters are trained to look for.

We will go over all options and concerns and answer all of your questions.

#3 Contingency form

When you decide to work with us through this process we sign a form that allows us to start working for you.

This form is purely contingent on the insurance company approving & paying for a roof replacement and we will stick to the cost that they approve and pay for. That when  it is approved Build MP will be the contractor to do the work. If the  insurance company does not approve the roof replacement this form will automatically be null and void.

#4 File a Hail & Wind Claim

This type of claim does not hurt you in anyway since it is caused by Mother Nature and not something that could have been prevented.

We do this with you! If you have never filed a claim before it is much simpler and easy then you think! We have done this hundreds of times and will walk you through it. Once the claim is filed you will get a call in a few days with day and time of when they will send an adjuster.

#5 Meet With Adjuster

Once you have a scheduled time and date let us know and we will meet them at your home and walk the roof and property with them.

Insurance companies are great - but they do try to save money where they can. Most adjusters are amazing but we like to be there to point things our respectfully and ask questions and work on your behalf to make sure the roof is approved by them.

#6 Wait for the check & scheduled the install

We are in no rush and wait for the first check with you.

We never have you cover your insurance company costs out of pocket. We do not collect any money until the first check has arrived and is deposited by you. Then we collect the first payment and schedule an install date.  This is when we choose shingle types and colors and talk about any upgrades or changes you would like. (Ask about our free upgrade if you have a 3-Tab Shingle!)

#7 How payments work

We take no money upfront.

Payments are broken into 3 parts.

1st payment is for the amount of the first check you receive from the insurance company and we take that on the day we schedule your install.

2nd Payment is your deductible amount. It is collected on the day of the install, once all material has been delivered. As you may know by law we are required to collect your deductible. We install the highest quality roof you deserve and that your insurance company agrees to pay for if it is not paid they will not cover the 2nd half of your roof cost. BUT Yes we do offer financing for your deductible if needed!  

3rd payment is the remaining balance that will be collected once we have invoiced the insurance company and you have received the remaining balance from them.

We really do want it to be as easy as possible for you and are always happy to wait with you for your insurance company to pay.

#8 Install Day

Typical installs take 1 to 2 days.

All old shingles and underlayment will be removed. New synthetic underlamit and roof shingle of you choice will be installed. All trash and debris will be cleaned up at the end of the project. We stand by our work - though this is construction and in the rare case if something is broken or damaged we will take full responsibility and replace what was damaged at no cost to you.

#9 Enjoy Peace of mind with your new roof and warranties

You will receive a manufacturers and workmanship warranty from us.

For the life of your roof you will always be able to call us if you see any issues. We will always come out and inspect your roof at no cost to you. If it is determined that it is a workmanship install issue, we will fully cover the cost of making sure it is repaired and done correctly. If it is a manufactures issue then we will help you work with the manufacturer. Lastly if it is a storm issue we will work with you and your insurance company to make sure it is taken care of. We got you covered!

Storm & Hail Damage: Services
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